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Frutarom UK purchased East Anglian Food Ingredients (EAFI) in January 2011.

We are a UK based supplier of Herbs, Spices, Seasonings and other food ingredients to the food manufacturing sector. 

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Spices & Vegetables — We supply NATURAL, Heat Treated and ROASTED versions of a large variety of spices and vegetables from around the globe and are available in a particle size of your choice.

Herbs — We have a vast array of Dried Herbs in NATURAL and  Heat Treated versions available. We have the ability to process  your material to any particle size you wish.

Spice & Seasoning Blends — We supply a vast array of seasonings from around the world, we also offer Bespoke Blending options to ensure that recipes suits your exacting standards at all times.

Spice Pastes — These ambient stable products have been developed specifically to provide an authentic flavour profile. Produced using a complex mixture of oil, water, herbs, spices, food ingredients and acidifying agents. Thermally processed to deliver commercial sterility and a deep, rich, cooked flavour and aroma.

Liquid Marinades — A range of water based products designed for the meat processing sector that are applied by spraying directly onto the meat substrate or marinating insitu.

Breaders, Coaters, Rubs & Powder Glazes — These products are typical blends using rusk, starched, sugar, herbs & spices that posess the functionality of adding a “flavoured sheen” or a flavoured coating to meats and vegetables of your choice.

Essential Oils & Oleoresins — The perfect way to add a natural and concentrated flavour to many food applications. These materials are produced by extraction and distillation from a wide variety of herbs, spices & blends.

VOLMIX Extracted Spices — A comprehensive range of econimically priced, extracted herbs, spices and seasonings are available on salt, dextrose and rusk carriers. Volmix products are virtually sterile, natural and offer excellent standardisation of flavour profiles.

SPECIALITY Products —We also offer products with full PROVENANCE, Spray Dried Vinegars & Oleoresins and we have an excellent selection of Speciality CHILLIES

Mirlah Premium Spice Paste Range —Manufactured using a true replication of cooking methods to deliver authentic, rich & cooked spice flavours. Supplied in convenient pack sizes from 5—15kg  and have 24 month shelf life in ambient conditions.

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